New York City Horses

Recently, someone asked me what evidence I've seen of the thousands of horses who used to live in New York. I thought that was an interesting question.
Drinking Troughs
I've only found three drinking troughs in Manhattan. This one, which dates from 1912, is in Central Park. The horses who pull the tourist carriages still drink from it in the summer. You can see it just to the north of the Sherman statue in the SE corner of the park.

This one, from 1908, is around the corner, on Central Park South

This one is under the Queensboro Bridge. There used to be a farmer's market in this spot, and the trough was donated to the market by the Municipal Art Society in 1919. I don't know for sure that it was supposed to be used as a horse trough, but the basin is roughly the same shape and height as the one above.
STABLES and Carriage Houses
Almost all of the remaining stables and carriage houses have been converted into garages and houses. The Claremont Riding Academy. located at 175 West 89th Street on the Upper West Side, is an exception. Founded in 1892, it's the oldest continuously run riding stable in the U.S.
They leave the stable doors open to the street, so you can peer right into this other world as you walk by.
(left) Former Macy's stables at 147th St. & 8th Ave. (below) 33 great Jones Street.
(below) Former stable on Columbus between 80th & 81st
(below) Harlem stable, 127th St. near Amsterdam
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