Asian-Mexican Food

There was an article written about my walk in the New Yorker Magazine a few months ago. The author, Ben McGrath, said this: "...he is recording his adventures and discoveries on his Web site, He might, for instance, post his observation that the island’s cuisine falls into two categories: Chinese Mexican, or Asian-owned restaurants that serve tacos, which can be found below Ninety-sixth Street; and Mexican Chinese, or Hispanic-owned restaurants serving fried rice, which are more prevalent above Ninety-sixth. He prefers the former..."

I thought it was about time I actually did say something about those restaurants.

When I was on the walk, I always looked for these Mexican Food places run by Asian restaurateurs. Fast, cheap, and usually good. The tortillas are homemade. You can get full for under five bucks. Asian-Mexican Restaurants are easy to spot: First, they won't have any spanish words on their signs except the words "fresco", "taco", or "tortilla". Happy Tortilla, Yummy Taco, Happy Yummy Taco are popular names. They also often have the word "express" in their name.
The circular neon signs in the window, like you see on the left, are another sure giveaway. The exact same signs are often used for Chinese takeout restaurants.

More soon, including Mexican-Chinese Restaurants...


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