Broadway Movie Theaters

Broadway used to have a lot of single screen neighborhood movie theaters. They're almost all gone now, or put to other uses. Here are just a few...
THE LOEWS 175th- a beautiful movie palace that opened in 1930. It became a church in the late 1960's.
GOTHAM THEATER 135th St. I think. It's a McDonalds now.
Metro Theater, between 99th & 100th Streets. An art deco gem. It closed for a while but just reopened as an art theater.
Bunny Theater


John Bunny was a vaudvillean from Brooklyn who specialized in comedies. He's mostly forgotten now, but he was a major movie star in 1913 when the Bunny Theater was named in his honor on 147th Street.
It's a 99 cent store today.

There are some decorative elements left in the ceiling. I am trying to find a photo of the original interior...


Old style movie camera on the SE corner of 135 & Broadway- I assume this was a theater, but who knows, maybe a film studio? A camera retailer?
There's a good aricle about small New York movie theaters here:



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