YORKVILLE- Faye Dunaway and P.Diddy

I just moved to Harlem from Yorkville, a neighborhood on the Upper East Side. I lived on a pretty typical street, lined with 5 and 6 story walk-up tenements.
But for some reason, *the* Faye Dunaway lived in my building. This was not a fancy place, no doorman or elevator. Apparently she's had an apartment there forever, since before she was a star. She must have other residences- she wasn't around that often.

I hope it isn't too much of an invasion of Ms. Dunaway's privacy to reveal that she signed up for roach extermination service. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but there here was something funny about seeing her beautiful flowery signature on the "Roach Busters" sign-up sheet.
This neighborhood is very middle class, but walk 3 blocks west, and you're in the heart of the Upper East Side- a wealthy, wealthy place. Look at this view of Park Avenue below. Hundreds of buildings, mostly 15 - 16 stories high, and every one is filled with apartments that probably start at somewhere around a million dollars.
The modern-looking building on the left was used as the exterior for the '70's sitcom, Diff'rent Strokes.
One thing that's unique about New York is how close someone in one income bracket can live to someone who's much richer or poorer than them. The billion dollar view above is three blocks from my cheap apartment. It's much harder for wealthy people to cloister themselves- they have to deal with us common folk. It's a big part of what makes this city a great place, if you ask me. This was brought home to me when I went to vote, and I was literally standing behind Sean Combs (also known as P.Diddy or Diddy). I mean, I work in a library, and I was living in the same voting district as one of the wealthiest men in show business. I got him to sign my voter registration card.
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