The Seven Year Itch

Richard Sherman sends his wife and son to the country for the summer, while he stays in the city to work. Soon, a quirky, voluptuous blonde moves in upstairs. It's a hot night, and Sherman invites the unnamed girl to the movies. They go to the Trans Lux on 52nd & Lexington. As they're leaving, a draft blows up from a subway vent, and the girl's skirt billows. "Isn't it delicious?" she says.

Some of the skirt-blowing scene was filmed in a Hollywood studio, but some of it was filmed on location, in midtown Manhattan.


You can see the grate on the SW corner of Lexington Avenue and 52nd Street.


My rudimentary archaeological skills tell me that the concrete around this vent was poured fairly recently- it makes me think the original vent has probably been replaced.


Huge crowds showed up despite the fact that they were filming in the middle of the night. All of the buildings that you can see in this image are gone.


My favorite line was cut by the censors:

Girl: "Don't you wish you had a skirt? I feel so sorry for you in those hot pants..."

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