Twice a year, the sun sets perfectly in the center of the Manhattan street grid. As an NPR story pointed out recently, any street grid in any town will align with the sunset twice a year, but somehow it seems more special in New York. For a few minutes, every street, from 1st Street to 193rd Street, is bathed in sunlight. NYC streets are usually pretty gloomy, especially in midtown, with all the skyscrapers blocking the light.
So I decided Times Square would be a pretty good photo op. I walk to the middle of the street, and there's a guy standing there, doing the same thing I'm doing! And next to him-another guy! (That's him on the right) This was such a New York moment- like they say, if you're one in a million, there's eight of you in New York. Also, if you want to do anything in this city, you're gonna have to wait in line.
While I was in Times Square I tried out my new zoom lens...


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