Next to the 125th St. Metro North Station.
This morning I walked by the building below, on 116th & Adam Clayton Powell, and it was torn down. I wish I'd gotten there in time to salvage the sign.



Horseman on 125th Street
At first I thought he was in a play or something, but I think he just liked the horse. He was very serious about it.



A lot of NYPD stations paint their logos on their garage doors- this is Emergency Services Squad 2 on 126th St. (see the Greenwich Village page for another example.) They remind me of World War Two bomber logos. Check out the 'cool cat' in a tux and spats. It's ironic that an official NYPD logo depicts a criminal with a Tommy gun- the kind of thug that would have been their nemisis during the prohibition era. The truck in the other logo is quaintly dated.
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