Manhattan Bridges
In March, 2005, I started walking all of Manhattan's walkable bridges. I've been doing one or two every week, and I should finish by the end of July.

Queensboro Bridge

The Roosevelt Island Tram runs parallel to the bridge.
Looking N.E. into Queens
Willis Avenue Bridge
Looking east into the Bronx

Third Avenue Bridge


Bruckner's Bar. Who knew you could find a bartender who makes a decent martini next to the 3rd Avenue Bridge in the South Bronx? I'm a sucker for those neon signs with the martini glasses that go back and forth.
The Manhattan Bridge
Everyone knows that the Brooklyn Bridge is the best bridge in Manhattan. The Manhattan Bridge is probably my second favorite- muscular blue steel.
Ward's Island Footbridge
Ward's Island and Randall's Island were connected to each other by landfill many years ago, but for some reason they still have separate names. The south part of the island is Ward's, north- Randall's. There are a lot playing fields and picnic grounds over there. It's a nice pastoral escape for the residents of Spanish Harlem, who live on on the Manhattan side of this bridge. You can see a picture of the island, and the Triboro Bridge, here.
I've always thought the Williamsburg Bridge was fairly unremarkable, but when I walked across, I discovered some beautiful decorative scrollwork...
The Macombs Dam Bridge
This one crosses at 155th in Manhattan, and goes right to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. I had to make sure I crossed on a game night.
We sat in the bleachers. The Yankees played the Mariners. Yanks won.
Washington Bridge
Not to be confused with the George Washington Bridge, which I'm saving for last. While the bridge itself is fairly interesting (see plaque below) the walk across is kinda dull. Nice views, though.

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