FORGOTTEN NEW YORK: If you like my site, you're going to love this one. Kevin Walsh is the KING of this nerdy urban explorer subculture that I'm proud to be part of:
SATANS LAUNDROMAT: Mike Epstein has a great photoblog of New York City and elsewhere. Mike is currently also walking every Manhattan street:

BIG ONION WALKING TOURS: If you want in-depth historical tours of the city, Big Onion can't be beat. They are affiliated with the New-York Historical Society, and all of the guides are getting their graduate degrees in history.
CATRON COUNTY WALK: I'm honored to have inspired Suzanne to walk every road in Catron County, New Mexico:
WALKING IN LA: This guy is hardcore- a devoted walker in a city that was built for cars.
CORRECTION HISTORY: A virtual tour of the oldest prison in New York City:

NEW YORK WIKI: Every Person, Place, and Hot Dog in New York City:
HOW I WALKED EVERY STREET IN MANHATTAN IN 10 WEEKS This guy puts me to shame, took me almost three years!:
THE CRUISE: A documentary starring Starring Timothy "Speed" Levitch. Speed is a mildly crazy romantic, and New York City is his muse. He walks around New York in a swoon, mesmerized by the people, buildings and life around him. He's always saying stuff like "you are 3 1/2 blocks from infinity", this sort of thing. He's definitely crazier than me, but I truly appreciate his love for the city, and his ability to find romance and excitement in parts of the city that other people think are mundane.
OPEN HOUSE NEW YORK: A weekend of free tours of various sites throughout the city. A good time to plan your next vacation:
URBAN RANGER: An enthusiastic urban walker:
PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY: "19th Century opium eater Thomas de Quincey remains the first reported case & indeed the prototype of the obsessive drifter. With no other goal in mind than to satisfy his curiosity about what might be discovered around the next corner, De Quincey spent entire days randomly strolling around London. In the 20th century, the surrealists in the 30ties & the Lettrists in the 50ties elaborated on this urge by transforming it into a systematic practice. In the 60ties the Situationists took this activity to the next level by developing psychogeography: the science of the dérive, the drift..."
NEW YORK SONGLINES: Not a site about singing- Virtual walking tours of Manhattan. No pictures, but very informative.
A WALK TO REMEMBER: An exhibition that invites a group of Los Angeles based artists to conceive and carry out guided tours through neighborhoods and areas of the city with which they have a particular relationship or affinity and that deal specifically with the rich cultural history of the city.

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